New Years Eve Makeup

So long time no see. I havent been up to posting lately. I’m 6 months preggers and lazy(I need an energy drink!), lol. Even tho I’m obviously not going to party on New years I still wanted to share a couple looks with you guys that I would wear if I was.  I had to do something with purple, because its my favorite color to wear on my face and had to add glitter because..well duh its NEW YEARS!!

For the Gold and Purple look I used my Shany cosmetics palette for the bright purple and mac’s sketch to deepen the crease. I also used NYX black on the outer V. As for the gold, I used Mac’s woodwinked on my lid and I applied gold glitter on top of that. The glitter I use is actually craft glitter from hobby lobby and to apply it I used my NYX glitter liner in gold as an adhesive.

For the silver and purple look I am wearing Mac’s Plum dressing and shadowy lady. I also used NYX black to my outer v. On my lid I used Sugarpill silver pigment and added my hobby lobby silver glitter on top.

I hope you enjoy both looks, if you would like to see more pics follow me on Instagram @makeupfeen.

silver glitter


gold glitter purple

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2012 Beauty Bloggers VOXBOX review

I received my Voxbox in the mail a few days ago. If you have no idea what a voxbox is you definitely need to look into it, lol. It is a box of free goodies to try, all you have to do is go to and sign up and start unlocking badges to qualify. This Voxbox in particular was amazing because it contained free beauty products!! My box included NYC eyeshadow palette, Kisses ever pro lashes starter kit, Bath & body works mini candle, EBOOST drink mix, Goody simple styles pins, Not your mother’s kinky moves hair cream, and Boosts No. 7 beautiful skin moisturizers.

I gotta say that this box is pretty freakin awesome.  Let’s start with the eyeshadow. Now I have never tried NYC eyeshadow before but I got to hand it to them it was pigmented and went on easily. It’s not as good as the Wet n Wild eyeshadow, but they  definitely surprised me and I will keep using the product.  I will post a pic of an eyeshadow look I created using the NYC eyeshadow I received.

This kisses lash kit, I love love love. The lashes are dramatic but not to dramatic if that makes sense. lol. I love the lash holder, looks like mini tweezers, that was really cool that it came with the lashes. I would buy this product again.

Um unless you are from outer space I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Bath & Body works, and if you shop there you definitely know that their candles smell amazing. I received a mini  Nutmeg and Spice candle. It smells like vanilla and spice, very fall/winter. I love it! You know I lit that right after I got the box open, lol. They also included a $10 3 wick candle coupon, and you better believe I am bout to go get me one.

Next is the EBOOST energy drink mix which I did not try because I’m preggers, so I will definitely give it to the hubby to try. 🙂

The Goody style pins look pretty cool, I tried to put them in once but have no idea how to get it right, lol, so I’m going to have my sis n law(shew’s a stylist) show me.

I love the Not your mothers curl defining cream. It smells great and works very well with my frizzy dry curls. I’m going to go buy a big size bottle for my damaged hair.

I also received the bonus product which was Boosts No. 7 cleansing lotion and night cream. The cleansing lotion I probably would not buy because I didn’t really see it do much. The night cream felt moisturizing but I think I like my Olay reginerist night cream better.

All that concludes my opinions. All in all I really did like this VOXBOX and I’m super excited for future boxes to come. 🙂



Using NYC eyeshadow

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Purple, pink & orange Smokey eye

This is another fun summer look I wanted to share with u guys.
I used nyx pencil in milk as my base and applied it all over my lid to my brow bone. Then using my fluffy crease brush I put a matte orange in my crease blending out. I used a rust orange in my crease as well yo darken it up. Using a smaller crease brush I used nyx black shadow on my outer v and some hot pink shadow from my shany palette to help blend the black into the orange. Mac phloof as my highlight and glamour doll eye pigment in tabloid on my lid. I used MUFE black liner and falsies mascara. I really love to purple and orange together and hope you guys do too.


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I recently purchased a few things from Mary Kay. Now I don’t know if any of you have tried Mary Kay products but I haven’t until now. I gotta say the things I purchased I love! I was a Lil skeptical..also I thought Mary Kay was more for older women, but I was wrong.
So I purchased the ultimate mascara, brow gel, soothing eye gel(for those puffy eyes) and their makeup remover.

Lets start with the mascara; the wand is a long straight one and the mascara is very black(which is all I wear). I like how it makes my lashes appear longer and super dark. I feel like it doesn’t really do anything as far a volume goes but I like to layer mascara using 2 different ones anyway. Verdict: I like it and will buy again.

Next is the brow gel, which I needed, my brows get a Lil wild throughout the day and this definitely puts and holds them in their place. I really like how it dries quickly and lasts all day. Verdict: I needed this in my life, I was using hairspray before. LOL.

Soothing eye gel- I’ve tried this product twice, it pretty much does what it says; reduces puffiness. There’s  nothing exceptionally special about this product, I feel like I could find something cheaper that would reduce puffiness..I have spoken with my representative who suggested putting it in the fridge for maximum results. I will try it tonight:) Verdict: good product but most likely wont buy again.

Last I purchased the makeup remover. I gotta say this is the LOL. I get a Lil crazy with bright colors and they stain my eye and this makeup remover literally removed every drop of color off my eye. I also used a Lil to clean my foundation brush(which is the most difficult of all my brushes to clean) and it worked amazingly! Looks brand new. Verdict: Um..hell yea I definitely will be buying this again. My new fav!

I gotta say I was surprised on how well the products worked and I will definitely be trying the skin care stuff next and I also wanna try the lip treatment stuff(for soft lips). The Mary Kay representative that I had was very helpful and knew a lot about the products. I will post her link below if you guys have any questions.


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Bored roaming thru pics on Instagram I found quite a few talented makeup artist that post gorgeous pics of eyeshadow looks.  I noticed a couple were saying they used a wet miss rose palette. I was like who the f*@@k?  LOL. Never heard of that brand before but I figured it was probably like coastal scents or bh cosmetics or something. Well I was close. LOL. It’s made in China and is similar to those brands. It is a Lil unique in the fact that it looks like it’s wet. Like melted metal if that makes any since which I’m sure it doesn’t. LOL.
There are a few different miss rose palettes. Anyway I purchased mine it on eBay for $19.00. It arived on time and no damage(one of the eyeshadows pops out if tipped upside down but its not broken or anything, just needs to be glued back in. The colors are really satin/soft feeling and go on smooth. The color payoff is amazing and looks very metallic. I have not tried them wet but I guess u can. Idk why u would tho because they already look wet. The colors I have are bright colors and neutral color, which I LOVE! When you pat your brush in the color the product kinda goes everywhere because
the eyeshadow is soo soft. Be careful! I honestly really like this palette and I’m happy I purchased it.




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I was luvin this look when I seen Guatemalanhotmama(who I luv) post it on Instagram so I wanted to try it. I altered a Lil bit but its the same idea.
I used a single white eyeshadow from wet n wild on the inner 3rd of the lid and used a bright pink(I used my shany palette but any similar color will do) on the other part of the lid blending into the white. Then using my Shany palette and a fluffy crease brush I put a matte rusty orange color in my crease bringing it upward a little. To deepen my crease and give it a more Smokey look I used a matte purple from wet n wild’s Lust palette(similar to Mac’s Fig 1. I used my MUFE black eyeliner and went out a bit farther than normal to create a double wing look. I used NYX Milk in between the double black wings. I also put milk in my waterlne. Under my bottom lashes I lined it with black liner. Finished with mascara. This look would have been gorgeous with fake lashes but I didn’t have the time or energy. LOL



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Blue/teal smokey eye

It actually hasn’t been too hot here in Sacramento(thank god!) because I’m not a big fan of triple digit weather. It’s warm with a cool breeze, which kinda inspired me to do an icy cool smokey eye today(I have my moods, lol). Normally I guess you could say I’m not a huge fan of cool tones, I feel like I look like a witch or something when they are on my face, lol.  Despite all that I still wanted to try it…so  here’s what I came up with.  🙂

I used NYX milk as my base. On my lid I used 3 different colors, starting with the lightest color first in the inner corner I used the shimmery light blue color from  my wet n wild coloricon baked eyeshadow palette and put that in the inner corner blending on to the lid. I used Makeupgeek Sea mist(really pretty greenish blue) for the rest of the lid blending it into the light blue. I also used Makeupgeek Corrupt for the outer v blending it into Sea mist to create a smokey look. The light blue also helped my blend the dark colors out going toward my browbone. The shimmery white from the same wet n wild palette was used as my highlight. I lined my eyes using MUFE black liner and falsies mascara.  Enjoy!


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I love wearing glitter in the summer, so I combined my love for bright colors and glitter to create a fun look. I used my shan’t palette for the purple and hot pink. I used Hollywood lights tacky as my glitter glue and a 99¢ hot pink sally girl glitter that I bought at Sally’s beauty supply.



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Being the adventurous person that I am, I love to experiment with color. I have pretty much put every color in the rainbow on my eye at some point. Today I wanted to do something using red, so I came up with a fun glittery silver, red and black look. Hope you guys like it. 🙂

I started out by priming my eye and using NYX jumbo pencil in Milk from my lash line to my brow. Then using my fluffy crease brush I took a semi matte red color from my Shany palette(you guys can use any red you have, doesn’t matter) and put that in my crease blending it out a little. I also put red in the inner and outer corner of my lid leaving the middle empty(sandwiched smokey eye).  Using a small crease brush I took MUG’s(makeupgeek) Corrupt(be careful, you only need a lil of this color it is very BLACK) and put the into my crease and blended into the red to create depth. It takes a while to blend out the harsh lines so take your time. I used an off white from my wet in wild lust palette as my highlight and to help blend out the red. For the blank spot in the middle I put a dab of Maybelline’s Color tatoo in Audacious Asphalt. I don’t have any glitter glue at this time:(, I ordered it but it hasn’t arrived yet. So to make the glitter stick I used a lil vaseline(don’t judge me, lol) I dabbed very little on top of the color tatoo and then patted NYX silver glitter(loose glitter) on top of the vaseline. I finished the look by lining my eyes using MUFE black gel liner and Lorac 3D mascara. This look would be great for going out or special occasion or watching 5 kids on a monday morning(ME). lol


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One word…OMG!! loving this lip butter. It’s so soft and makes my lips feel great. It’s around $6 and the colors are amazing. I got the one in Cupcake. It’s a lil more pink than i’m used to but I really like it. I’m so used to doing a nude lip so I wanted to try something new and I’m in love!! If you haven’t tried it then TRY it! lol. I’m goin to buy more shades and post more but here is a pic the first time i tried it.



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