I’m a huge fan of Makeupgeek, for those of you who have no idea what the hell I’m talking about check out YOUTUBE or visit the makeupgeek site. Marlena is the creator of Makeupgeek. I love her advise and have been a fan of her youtube videos since I can remember so when I heard she was creating her own line of eyeshadows I had to order them. First of all I have to say that I really love how when you go on her site to order she not only has a pic of the product but she also has swatches of that color and comparison swatches next to similar mac products. Love that! Thanks Marlena:)

So I started out by ordering her starter kit, it includes 8 eyeshadow pans( they are magnetic which I love cuz they fit perfectly into my Z palette) for $35!!($35 was the sale price, I believe now its $45) still 8 eyeshadows for $45, that’s a bargain!! That’s like $5 something each and for the quality you get it’s a really really good deal. Honestly I think I love  some more than I love my Mac. (omg, yes I said it, lol. ) I also ordered 4 individual ones( $5.99 each). I’m so satisfied and happy with my purchase, I’ve already ordered more. I want all the colors. lol. I can’t wait til she creates more beautiful colors.

Also I wanted to mention that I love my Z palette, too. I ordered it on Amazon for like $18-$20( I got the large one). Its awesome. It can hold my Mac shadows, I even depotted a few of my wet n wild colors and put them in there. It also comes with a bag of magnets for those shadows that don’t have the magnetic back. You simply stick em on the back of your shadow, slap em in the palette and your good to go.

Now enough with the rambling lets look at the swatches.

left to right: Corrupt, Mocha, Cocoa bear, Purely naked, Glamorous, Shimma shimma

I also wanted to show you the swatches they have on her site because the person has a much fairer complexion than i do so they look a little different on lighter skin.

Yea they did a way better job than me. lol. I just swiped it on real quick. Sorry. 😦 Anyway I have more swatches that I know look  kinda like a kindergartener did it, but here they are anyway.

left to right: purple rain, unexpected, peacock, mermaid, moondust, mercury

The matte colors are great for blending. I love cocoa bear. Some of my posts have looks using these shadows. The black one, Corrupt, is freakin BLACK. I swatched it next to Mac’s Carbon and it knocks Carbon out of the water. I can’t believe I wasted $16 on Carbon when I could have gotten this for $5.99.  Someone slap me!

left-Makeupgeek's Corrupt. Right-Mac's Carbon


About makeupfeen

I'm 29 years old, married and have 3 kids. I love to bake, but my passion is makeup. I'm for sure a makeup addict, because i can't stop buying it. lol. I love to experiment with bright colors and bold looks. I wanted to start this blog to share makeup looks with others and get feedback. I've lived in Sacramento almost my whole life and love it here. I'm just enjoying life to the fullest. :)
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  1. fancieland says:

    Those swatches look amazing! I also like that palette!! It sounds awesome. Definitely ordering one soon!

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