My Daily Face Makeup Routine

So I get a lot of questions from you guys wondering what foundation, blush, ect.,  I use on my face. Normally when I write about my eyeshadow look I never tell you about what face makeup I use, mostly because it’s pretty much the same every time and because I figured everyone has their own preferences. But I guess you guys are curious to know so here we go:

I’m a tweeker when it comes to what order I do things in, I guess u can say it’s an OCD thing. So I always do my eyeshadow first. The reason why is because whenever I do my face makeup before my eyeshadow I get fallout on it and I mess it up by touching my face when I pull my eye when doin eyeliner and things like that. Then I end of fixing it after I’m done, so why the hell would I do it twice when all I have to do is do the face makeup last. Come on now. Lol. I got hella kids I don’t have time to redo things.

That being said I always do my eyeshadow first. Then I take a baby wipe( I don’t really buy makeup wipes, I have kids so I have a whole closet of baby wipes, works the same for me) and I wipe all the fallout from under my eye.  Now I  do see some gurus on youtube putting tape on their eye to give them a straight edge to work with and then they peel it off when they are done with their eyeshadow. I don’t need to do that since im doing my face makeup last. I just wipe off the excess with my baby wipes in a straight swipe and it gives me that same straight line effect. Then I moisturize my face(even though I usually do it before my eyeshadow also. Lol. It’s an OCD thing). I use the olay regenerist line in case u guys were wondering. After that soaks in I use a primer. I use either Mac’s matte gel or Palladio foundation primer. Make sure to get under your eyes good, especially if u have wrinkles or fine lines. Ok here comes the foundation. I have tried a million different foundations. I like a few but the one I go to most is my Revlon color stay. I always carry a few different shades(and by a few I mean 5 or 6. lol) because I spray tan and who knows what shade i’ll be. I have a foundation brush that i love love love. It’s the makeupgeek foundation stippling brush and I think it was only like $15. It’s so soft and distributes the foundation evenly over my face. I used to use the Mac 187 stippling brush(like $45) but I like the makeupgeek one better.

So I dab the foundation on my face, then I take my brush and stipple it in. I don’t usually wear concealer, I don’t have dark circles or anything like that really, so I skip that. Then I take a powder to set it, I usually do bare minerals or i use MUFE(make up forever) setting powder. I only put that on my t zone where im more likely to be more oily.

I’m a huge bronzer fan. As you can tell I like to be tan. lol.  Bronzer gives you that nice healthy glow, even tho at times I can get a lil carried away with it. I like my bronzer to be dark cuz I can get pretty dark at times and who wants a bronzer that blends into their skin color, lol. I also like my bronzer to be matte. I have the Tarte bronzer in hotel heiress and I love it. Its kinda pricey tho. I hate to pay over $20 for bronzer because I go thru it like crazy(can u say addict). I also have tried the California tan bronzer and I like that one too. I first got that one at my tanning booth but now I see they have it on amazon as well. It’s still like $20 something so im still on a quest for a cheaper one that works well if any of you guys have suggestions. I ordered the NYX matte body bronzer on Ulta’s site but havent received it yet. I don’t care if it says body bronzer that ish is goin on my face. Don’t get me wrong I love tarte but I spend way to much for something that doesn’t last long. So when I apply my bronzer I take either an angled blush brush/fluffy brush or my mac 187 brush, which ever I can find faster, and I dip it in my bronzer and put that on my cheek bone, forehead and chin. I also get under the jawline cuz it makes my face look a lil thinner and who doesn’t want that. Then I take a blush brush and grab my blush and just put a lil on the apples of my cheek. I normally use Mac’s gentle or i also like NYX blush in Terre cotta or Sephora Blush me palette in Brun.

I finish the look with a cheek highlight. I’m really felling my Mac mineralize skinfinish one lately. The color is Soft and gentle. I just stipple that right on the top of the apples of my cheeks going in a sweeping motion toward my hairline.  Sometimes I use a finishing spray but not everyday. I like to use Mac’s fix + for that. And that’s about it. That’s my normal everyday face makeup routine. Enjoy guys!:)

My daily face makeup

Swatches of my bronzers, blushes and the cheek highlight.
Left to right. Tarte, California sun,Mac Gentle, NYX blush, Sephora blush, Mac Minerilize skinfinish


About makeupfeen

I'm 29 years old, married and have 3 kids. I love to bake, but my passion is makeup. I'm for sure a makeup addict, because i can't stop buying it. lol. I love to experiment with bright colors and bold looks. I wanted to start this blog to share makeup looks with others and get feedback. I've lived in Sacramento almost my whole life and love it here. I'm just enjoying life to the fullest. :)
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