My Nail Bling

So when it comes to nails I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. I can’t even do a basic paint job well. lol. I used to get my nails done religiously but with the 5-6 kids I have daily that’s not happening any more. Whaa!!!! So my nails look like crap. I don’t paint them because I wash dishes and my hands way too much and I’m yet to find a nail polish that can actually last a day with me. lol. I do paint my toes on the other hand. I’m not sayin they look great, but ay I tried.

So when I come across things at the store that I think will help me in this area I buy them. I have a few crackles, but somehow I still manage to f*##@ that up. I put too much crackle and it doesn’t really crackle. lol. Anyway I found some products that I like and wanted to share with you guys. First is the french manicure set I got. It’s by Broadway nails and called Real life brush-on gel kit. Honestly I wasnt expecting them to work that well, but they surprised me. So the kit comes with 48 white tips & clear tips. Guess which ones I chose? You guessed it, white tips( I’m not painting clear ones). It has a file, manicure stick, brush on gel, activator & cleaner. When I first opened it I was like great, there’s no way i’m gonna to be able to do this. But it actually was pretty easy, thanks to the instructions. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, I would have given it 5 if it lasted longer. They look professionally done. I really like it:) This is great for those of you who are moms and don’t have time to get your nails done or those of you who wanna save money. I got mine at walmart and I think they were $7-$8 .

here's the package

I got a lil of the gel on my fingers, but pretty good for my first time, right?!

Now back to my toes. I recently purchased the Sephora nail bling, $7 at Sephora. Instead of using it for my fingers I used it for my toes. Its pretty self explanatory. You take the sticker and cut it to the shape of your nail and slap it on. Then i filed it a little to get it semi perfect. I did my daughters too. That was a lil more difficult because she’s 2 and her toe nails are super tiny. I felt like a crackhead cuz I kept dropping the lil pieces in the carpet and was tweekin out lookin for them. lol. Good times..

These lasted about 2 weeks on me and about 4 days on her. I also have used the sally hansen nail stickers and those last forever on my toes. Literally months!! I like the hot pink and black zebra one from them. So here’s the pics of our toes using the Sephora nail bling.

My toes with Sephora nail bling

My 2 year old toes


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I'm 29 years old, married and have 3 kids. I love to bake, but my passion is makeup. I'm for sure a makeup addict, because i can't stop buying it. lol. I love to experiment with bright colors and bold looks. I wanted to start this blog to share makeup looks with others and get feedback. I've lived in Sacramento almost my whole life and love it here. I'm just enjoying life to the fullest. :)
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3 Responses to My Nail Bling

  1. Your toes look amazing haha so much fun!

  2. Wow that actually looks really nice! I’m tempted to try the clear ones just so I can paint them and stuff. I really like how your toes came out too!

  3. I’m sure u’ve been nominated a million times, so heres another!!! U’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!!! Congrats! Love ur blog!

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