Glamour Doll Eyes pigments

I watch a lot of YouTube, sometimes I randomly sit with my phone for hours and watch makeup tutorials and reviews. Lol. I came across glamour doll eyes in a lot of different gurus videos so I decided to go ahead and order some.
When I first went online to place an order I realized these are pretty cheap. It’s $6 for full size jar and I think $1.50 for sample jar. I also like how they include swatches online. They also have collections you can buy which saves you even more $$!
They arrived in the mail today. The packaging was a Manila envelope and it arrived rather quickly so I was happy about that. BTW shipping was FREE! I ordered a collection which included 6 pigments and I also purchased 3 full size jar pigments. They send 2 free samples with each order too, which I thought is pretty cool.
Honestly I was expecting the jars to be a Lil bigger but when you open it they do have alot of product, so in the end I was happy with that. If you want sifters on your jars I think it’s $2 more per jar. I opted out of that because this is my first time trying them and I didn’t want to pay more per jar. You have to be careful tho opening and closing the jar. I think I got this as long as my kinds don’t get a hold of them. (Whaaaaa)
As for the product itself, I really like it! The pigmentation is fantastic and I love the shimmer and texture. The sample ones they sent are my least favorite out of all of the colors, but hey they were free so…lol. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
There’s swatches below and I will post looks using the pigments soon. 🙂




Sample colors left-right: Schizophrenic, Mighty Maiden


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