Tequila sunrise

Loving my MUG(makeupgeek) eyeshadows right now. Marlena is a freakin genius. This is kinda a combo of my sandwiched Smokey eye and my naked wasted look. I’m really liking how it turned out:) let me know what you guys think.

I used NYX milk as my base and started out using a yellow orange color( u can use MUG Chickadee or and yellow orange u have) in my crease with a fluffy crease brush and taking the color upward toward the browbone. Then I used MUG Cocoa bear in my crease and dark brown from wet n wild comfort zone palette on outer and inner corner of my eye leaving middle blank. I used Mac’s tan pigment on the empty space and MUG Shimma shimma as my highlight. Lined my eyes and put on mascara. How ya like me now? Lol



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Kinda bored at 5:30 this morning and decided to play with colors that I rarely use, such as yellow & orange, and I came up with this eyeshadow look. It reminds me of a sunset, hence the name. For some reason the red looks like hot pink in the pics, but its a bright red.

I used my NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a base to make all these bright colors really pop. Then taking my fluffy crease brush I took a yellow from my shany palette and put it in the crease and blended it upward toward my brow bone. The using the same fluffy crease brush, wiped off a lil bit, I took an orange color from my shany palette and put that on the yellow just leaving a lil yellow showing above it. Also using my shany palette I took my mac 239 flat brush and put a bright red color on my lid and a little in my crease so that the orange color blended into the red. I used MUG (makeup geek) eyeshadow in corrupt in my outer v and Shimma shimma as my highlight. Lined my eyes with lorac liner  and used lorac 3D mascara. This with some lashes would be a fun Vegas look or a night out look. I wear it to take my son to and from school, but hey whatever floats your boat right.. lol.Hope you guys like it:)


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Life with work and kids is not easy, there definitely isn’t that much “Me” time any more so it’s not really feasible that a trip to the nail salon happens often…actually it very rarely happens for me at all. lol. So I come up with ways to keep my toes looking presentable. Let’s face it, summer is here and so are sandals, therefore no one wants to see some horrible looking feet staring at them. lol. I have an older post on the Sephora nail bling that I’ve used on my toes and now I want to show you the Sally Hansen Salon effects strip(my fav). I know they are supposed to be used on your nails but I find they last forever on my toes and look super cute.  Also I want to add that if you used them only on your toes you can get 2-3 uses out of one box compared to if you use them on your nails you only get 1 use.

First I would like to say that I normally get mine at Ulta because #1. They have a way bigger selection of prints than walmart. #2. They let me use ulta coupons(You can normally find one online for $3.50 off of $10, & they let me show them on my phone) and my ulta rewards points together(One time I only paid $2.75 by doin that!). #3. They are normally $9.99 at Ulta(I’ve seen the for $11.99 at Rite Aid).

Ok so here’s how you do it:  1. Remove all old nail polish.   2.peel off protective plastic layer and put on toe to measure how big of a piece you need.    3. cut your piece, if it’s a little big don’t worry.    4. File off excess with the file that’s included in the box.   5. Take the stick that’s included and press in the sides of the sticker so they fit in your nail.  6. Polish nails with a top coat & let dry.

See it’s super easy and looks professionally done. They literally last me forever, I have to take them off because my nail grows out. lol. I do wear socks around the house tho, so idk if that has anything to do with them lasting so long..


This is the box that it comes in, 16 strips, 1 file & 1 cuticle stick.


My toes up close, kinda got the top coat polish everywhere but whatever. lol.




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Hi guys!! This look is fun and bright. I wanted to do something fun for summer.  I created a blue and pink eye that I thought would look playful. I used mainly my Shany palette, it’s my go to palette for bright colors. I used a NYX jumbo pencil in milk as my base just to bring out the brightness. I used a baby blue color on my lid and hot pink in my crease blending upward. I used Makeupgeek(MUG) eyeshadow in Corrupt in my crease as well.  Be careful when you are blending the black into the hot pink, this can get real messy. lol. I used Makeup geek’s shimma shimma as my highlight color and Lorac liner. I know this is a lil bright for most people..I’m sure a lot of you wouldn’t wear it, but it might be fun to try a lil something new. I feel like you only live once so have fun. Be adventurous! Hope you guys enjoy it:)

Blue raspberry

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Bright Hot Pink- FUN FOR SUMMER!!!

It’s getting  really warm here in Sacramento so I wanted to do something seasonal. When I think of summer I think of bright, bold, fun colors so I wanted to try a hot pink eye. I used mostly my Shany 120 palette for this because that palette is super bright. If you guys wanna see swatches of that palette I have them in one of my older posts.  I used the hot pink and the purple from that palette and I used my Makeupgeek corrupt for the outer v because it is the blackest eyeshadow I have ever found and I love it. lol.  Anyway check it out! 🙂


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Glamour Doll Eyes Pigments Review

I am a YOUTUBE addict, I get stuck on there for hours looking a product reviews, tutorials, and swatches. I have seen a few gurus talking about Glamour Doll Eye pigments and I decided to order them. When I first went online to order them I noticed that they are freakin cheap. I’m talking $6 for a full pigment jar and I think the sample jars are $1.50. That’s a bargain. They also sell pigment collections which is even a greater bargain.

My eyeshadow arrived rather quickly in a yellow envelope with bubble wrap. When I first seen the jars i thought they were kind of smaller than what I had picture, but when I opened the jars to my suprise their really is alot of product in there(especially for $6). I order the art deco collection for $24 which included 6 pigments and then I order 3 full size jars. You can also add a sifter to your jars, but u get a lil less product, so I opted out of that. I hope that was a wise decision even tho i do have crazy children(hopefully they dont get into my pigments). I’m impressed with the pigmentation and texture of these pigments. I really like them and can’t wait to use them. Also I wanted to mention shipping is FREE!!! And they throw in 2 free pigment samples with each order. Out of all the pigments that I received the free samples were my least favorite, but the colors I ordered are beautiful.  I included swatches for you guys below and I’m hoping to start posting looks using these pigments ASAP. I’m going to include the link below to their site so you guys can check it out. Click on the Glamour Doll Eyes banner. Enjoy!!


left to right: Hello Brooklyn, Island Chic, Oddity, Tattooed, Pistol Pistol, Shaded Orchis, Phyrra, Juicy Mango

Glamour Doll eyes samples left to right: Schizophrenic, Mighty Maiden

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Today I was trying to do a natural look, natural isn’t really my everyday look, with all my spray tans, highlights, and bright colored eyeshadows, lol, but I’m attempting it any way(pray for me).  When i first started appling the colors I was wasn’t very impressed but when I was done I kinda really like it. I do feel a lil naked without my normal dramatic eye but I’m gettin used to it.

I used NYX milk as a base and took a fluffy crease brush and applied a yellow orange color to my crease blending it up. I then took the same brush and used makeupgeeks cocoa bear and put that in my crease also blending it up a lil but not totally covering all the yellow-orange. I also used Makeupgeek’s mocha in my crease not blending it upward just keeping it in my crease. After that I took my wet n wild comfort zone palette and used to dark sparkly brown in my outer v. Ok so that’s already quite a few colors but I still need a lid color and my highlight..I wasn’t quite sure on what to put on my lid but I wanted to experiment a lil with this NYX palette I got(it’s a dupe for the naked palette) so I used a light satin cream/beige color on my lid by patting on. I used Makeupgeeks bling as my highlight, Mac blacktrack liner & falsies mascara. It looks so much better in person than on my camera. I have no idea how to adjust the stupid settings on that thing. Hope you guys like it!

Naked wasted


Sorry my eyes look crazy..Damn crack pills..lol

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Today I wanted to do a warm toned smokey eye, I like warmer colors on my skin tone. It’s just my preference but the cooler silvery tones and black don’t suit me as well. I feel pale when I wear them and honestly I feel like I look like a witch or evil villan or something. LOL. Might just be my nose that makes me feel that way but IDK. lol.  I do like to mix silver with warmer colors like purple or maroon to create a warmer look.

I started this look by priming my eye then I used maybeline color tatoo in Audacious Asphalt as a base on my lid. I applied my Makeupgeek eyeshadow in Moondust on op of that. Moondust is a silvery taupe color, it’s really pretty(I will include swatches too for you guys). I used Makeupgeek’s Burlesque in my outer v and brought it in my crease a bit, I also used Makeupgeek’s Corrupt in my outer v(you can use any black you prefer this is just my fav).  Mac’s shroom as my highlight.  I lined my eyes with lorac liner and used Maybeline falsies mascara. Hope you guys like it.

Warm smokey eye

sorry my camera phone sucks:(

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Most of us females love bling. Sparkly, shiny, glittery things really catch my eye. So even tho I’m prob a lil old to be wearing glitter I still do, just not all over my entire face. lol. I came across these NYX glitter liners and NYX loose glitter at ULTA. All the NYX stuff was buy one get one 50% off at the time so naturally I stocked up. I actually really like the colors I got. The clear one I don’t really care for too much. The pink, teal and silver are freakin beautiful tho.:) I have yet to use the liners as actual line tho. I have done a line of glitter under my bottom lash line before with the pink one and I did get a lot of compliments on that. I like to use the liners on my lid over the eyeshadow and also to hold on the loose glitter(kind of like a glue). I used the silver in my glittery glam post with purple and I love that look.

The colors i got in the liquid crystal liners are: Crystal hip, Crystal pink,Crystal aqua, & Crystal silver. The loose glitter is called NYX glitter mania and it comes in the same bottles as the NYX pigments. I have 3 of those in Crystal,Pink, & Silver. IDK if these are safe for your eyes but i use them and they don’t seem to bother my eyes. Like I said before tho I use the liner first and pat the loose glitter on top while it’s still wet. I’ve heard of people using eyelash glue but I’ve never tried that.

So here’s the pics and swatches guys! Enjoy!




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I’m lovin me some wet n wild lately. I remember back in the day when I was in highschool I used to get wet n wild and they sucked. But I gotta give them credit they really stepped up their game.  I love the comfort zone palette, Blue had me at helllo, vanity, lust, sunburned, spoiled brat…just to name a few. lol.  I want to show u a pink and purple look using primarily wet n wild colors.

After I primed my eye I used NYX strawberry milk on my lid and then put the light pink from the wet n wild sunburned palette on top of that. I used Mac’s plum dressing in my crease blending it up a bit. the I put Mac’s sketch directly in  my crease just to give it a lil depth. I used Wet n wild lust palette, the dark shimmery purple( this color is amazing) for my outer v. I used that same lust palette for my highlight and used Mac’s fluidline as my liner and Lorac 3D mascara. Enjoy!! Thumbs up Wet n wild. 🙂

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